Route 47 Stone Yard in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Limestone, Sand, & Gravel Products for Wood County, WV

Route 47 Stone Yard in Parkersburg, West Virginia offers the public of Wood County and beyond high quality stone materials, including Limestone, Sand, and Gravel. We are an aggregate sales yard of Atlas Towing Company, and proudly serve a wide area in West Virginia. We offer the lowest prices for the best stone products in the area!

Crusher Run, Quarry Process, Dense Grade Aggregate, or Road Stone

Route 47 Stone Yard in Parkersburg, West Virginia provides the general public with the highest quality Crusher Run material. Also known as quarry process (QP), dense grade aggregate (DGA), or road stone, crusher run contains crushed stone and stone powder for masonry, driveway, road, or base filler projects. Because it is not prone to shifting or eroding, crusher run material is perfect for almost any property, both residential and commercial. To cater to as many crusher run users as possible, Route 47 Stone Yard offers our products to a wide service area in Wood County, West Virginia.

Route 47 Stone Yard Products & Price List

4” – 6” Riprap Material


#1 Limestone


#8 Limestone


Masonry Sand


#3 Limestone


1 ½” Crusher Run Material


Bank Run Material


#4 Limestone


¾” Crusher Run Material


Pit Run Material


#467 Limestone


#4 Gravel


#57 Limestone


#57 Gravel


Top Soil


#8 Gravel


#67 Limestone