Atlas Towing Company in Parkersburg, West Virginia

River Towing & Barge Service for Ohio, Kanawha & Little Kanawha Rivers

Atlas Towing Company, based in Parkersburg, West Virginia, has provided marine towing and barge unloading services along the Ohio River, the Kanawha River, and the Little Kanawha River since 1942. Our clients depend on us for efficient services that they can rely on, and we deliver every time. For decades, we have been the first choice for many merchants and companies in West Virginia. For any goods you may need transported to distances near and far, you can rely on Atlas Towing for our dependable and timely river towing and unloading services.

Atlas Towing Company Fleet

Our fleet is made up of powerful, dependable, and regularly serviced towboats. To ensure safety, all of our vessels have been inspected and satisfies or exceeds the standard regulations of the United States Coast Guard, or USCG. For the most reliable river transportation and barge unloading services, count on Atlas Towing Company to get your cargo where it needs to go!

Safe, Efficient Marine Towing & Barge Service

For all your cargo or bulk goods unloading needs anywhere along the Ohio and Kanawha rivers, Atlas Towing provides safe and “on-time” unloading. Our marine services are the most efficient in the area. For over 70 years, we have been providing the most reliable river towing and unloading service in the area.

For any marine towing or barge unloading needs, call us today at 304-428-0341.